December 7, 2021

37 thoughts on “You Won't View Cardi B or Meg Thee Stallion The Same After Seeing This Video!

  1. Y'all are funny. There are so many other "lyrically talented" female rappers out there and y'all are not supporting them. If Cardi and Meg want to brand themselves and become commercial, that's their business.

    Also, hip-hop men have been sexualizing women for years now, but as soon as women take a stand and control narrative, they're boring? Hmm. It's the misogyny for me.

  2. They dont represent hip hop. They're rappers big difference. The PTB run the machine that make these trash rappers artist. I don't never have and never will listen to them. I like 🔥 lyrics and 🔥 beats and hooks. Word play none of them use their brains.

  3. Blame the older generation that ushered it in, then complained when it took a turn for the worse🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️😩😩😩!!!!! But yet and still y’all hold up PAC and Biggie and both of them led black men in general into prisons so…….what’s you’re point????

  4. Of course it is! The problem is that we know what when why and how. WHERE ARE WE AT DOING SOMETHING ANYTHING ABOUT THIS…..THE OTHER MAINSTREAM MARKET…..DEAD OR LOCKED UP!
    BLACK MEN LOCKED UP? No reproduction. No Legacy. BLACK MAN KILLED? Everything that man ever WAS or WILL BE…..DONE.
    SIMPLE. RIGHT NOW, we can only say or comment to an extent…..why? K.I.S.Someone, please?
    Congrats and much appreciation to you, my brothers. Keep doin what you do, AND BE THE BEST AT BEING THE BEST!
    Ms. Ijarah E Johnson, Miss Black America!!!!

  5. I think what made the lyricist popular years ago, came down to them being better entertainers. They probably didn’t want the Conscious message to ever gain traction in the first place, but the artist delivered is so well that it still sold records.

  6. Yo we been getting played by our enemies hiding in the shadows who owns the media, the banks, movies, in America the music. God is gonna judge the so called ish people imposters

  7. How dare yall group Nicki with this bs. Yes she has her moments where she is a bit revealing at times, nonetheless she has actual talent and a message as well as a catalog that is overall positively influencing more than anything else.

  8. I literally just watched a Cam'ron interview last night when he said in 96 he asked a girl who was better jay or Nas. She said jay cus "I don't wanna take a dictionary with me to the club." So he said when he started rapping he DUMBED DOWN GIS LYRICS. When rappers stopped making music for the streets "my homies on the block" and just strip club music and for girls to shake their ass is also when music started to dumb itself down. Cus u have a large part of women who don't like lyricism and just love a good beat to shake their ass. The reason RAPSODY isn't the top mainstream female rapper and Megan and cardi are.

  9. So getting "the Bag" is MORE IMPORTANT than Uplifting the Black Nation? P.S. as ALL female MC's I remember NEVER had on a 2piece to make me listen to em Queen Latifah,Lauryn Hill,Nonchalant,Rah Digga,Bahamadia compared to Doja Cat,Cardi B,Megan thee Stallion now Chlőe Bailey

  10. To me Hip Hop is like a car, don’t mind getting advice and making stops but we have to recognize who’s driving the car…we need new drivers and can’t mind making them responsible if they get lost 😅

  11. It's always been sexual with women in hip hop and the video. Now it's almost or like porn . The industry pushes this and they real push it on black artists. I haven't seen to many video's without someone doing the most. Those artists are NOT going anywhere this is now the norm. I 🙏 🙏 for our kids now because they are exposed to so much so young .They are not afford a time to be Innocent.

  12. Shout out to Nicki Minaj, most followed rapper in the world and 1st female artist In the world to have more than 100 hits on billboard 💯 surpassing Elvis Presley, she’s too big to cancel and knows her power as a smart, creative, and talented woman

  13. Dude got the jitters a something. Twitching and shit. What’s wrong with him? He need to cut or condition that hair on his face and head…scratching and shit. And what is he talking about anyway?

  14. Right now they are not only destroying our character as the black family community but they are sinking our music the same way they’ve sink disco

  15. Our people created something so powerful that its being used by our enemies to destroy us. We should’ve never allowed others into our culture our music I know it might not have been popular but we’ve lost it all because we allow our enemies to take control over our music business wise, they threw chump change at the hungry among us n now they are tearing us up i rather be poor or struggle than to be rich n famous for using my lyrics to destroy my own people

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