August 12, 2022

21 thoughts on “Young African Student Who Stole 1 Million Dollars Embarrassing Many has Been Sent to Prison

  1. Here's my problem with this story , and journalistic propaganda ….misinformation.
    How could she have stole the money whereas someone , a clerical, allergically deposited that amounts in her account…??? My concern is that , what ever happenedafterwards is merely carelessness and ignorance of quenciquences that might follow BUT she didn't foreseen that hence she was alway around in RSA. Clear conscious and happy TO BE BLESS WITH SUCH ""LUCK"" ? Now the media brand the story as if she ""stole"" the money . I don't resonate with that !

  2. I see South Africans are condoning the behavior. If she were Nigerian, they will be throwing stones and raining abuses. Even if it was due to a clerical error, she had no right to keep the funds and morally she should have returned it voluntarily. There's no justification for this. Gtfoh! πŸ™„

  3. She is not a thief they were stealing the money unfortunately they used the wrong account they missed the number, they are exposed its just that we fail to look things deep we are full of hatred, if it was you, you were going to use the money b4 they take it, can we love each other and bring the real criminals the real thieves forward

  4. This is Sibongile Mani issue is subjective : She didn't steal any money but through NSFAS clerical error found herself been given privileged by financial miscalculation by default. Who did cause her to fall for that – what happen to the perpetrator by so-called ''clerical error '' ? Take note , she did stole any money . She spend it as seeing fit.

  5. The person that should go to jail is the person who deposited the money by error quick to say error but then label the girl a thief,it was her bank account and yes not her money but really some people have battled all there life its a big temptation.Everyone is different or will act differently to getting so much money,But five years for that amount πŸ™„
    Politicians have been stealing millions in Africa they still in parliament.

  6. 5 years in prison!!! Seems a bit stiff. Sure she should have inquired as to why there was so much there but then maybe her youth might possibly excuse that. Maybe probation and community service or such. It just seems like a waste of a life. I think she should be accountable but I really think the sentence was over kill. Does she have right to appeal?? Did she get competent legal help?

  7. So Europeans have been stealing a pledging in South Africa for centuries and you can’t go after them but this black woman deserves 5 years for spending money πŸ’° you gave to her. Have the same energy for Europeans.

  8. Whatever!!!
    She has not stolen half of what I hear the Honorable Julius Malema say, that some in the current government of South Africa has stolen! Tell those European LAND THIEVES to give Black South Africans back their land, resources and jobs so THEY won't have to steal.

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