July 6, 2022

28 thoughts on “Young Pan-Africanist Genius Embarrass Majority of African Presidents with his Vision for Africa

  1. He's smart and is right. Africa has the tools it needs, it just needs to organize, plan, step out and if they hit a set back, persevere. We will face challenges, people will come against us sometimes for whatever reason, sometimes its just jealousy and we should recognize when its opposition and don't give up.

  2. Awareness is key education. Continental terms/ conditions. Language.. Same government forms does not work for every society. Back to our new green revolution ( farming). And industrial revolution…Including health. Africa .must remove itself from IMF.WHO.UNICEF
    REDCross.UN.UNESCO. HAGUE. World Bank. It is time for intercontinental FOCUS on African Development by Africans… ( official languages must be native_ indigenous mother tongues.. …

  3. Thank God we have someone in Africa that is using their brains and what is even more inspiring is that he is a young man which will hopefully inspire the African youth into his way of thinking and turn it into a reality. As I was born and grew up in Africa, It has always saddened me to hear the stories and see the defeatist attitude of most Africans that continued to blame the Colonist for all their downfalls. I have been saying for many decades that Africa is extremely rich in culture, mineral wealth and if correctly managed can become the food basket of the world. We need unity and all Africans to stop their corruption and mismanagement way and put their heads together as one people for the good of the people and start becoming proactive and competitive to the western and eastern world. I know Africa and it´s peoples can do this as I have seen their determination in the past. Please listen to this young man as he is trying to put the breath of life back into Africa and give them not only hope but to give Africa back to it´s people and to restore their rightful place in the world as an equal contributing partner and no longer beggars continually looking for free hand outs. I am so proud of this young man who has restored some of my faith back into the youth of today. A very hearty thank you to him.

  4. The last sacrifice generations, must prepare themselves for they’re highly potential,and start ignoring the past of colonisation. Just remind they where the highest intelligently descendent of Pharaons. If Rwanda is what he is that’s because they never lost this knowledge. Why do you think they where always targeted with genocide plans sins millennials?

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