June 6, 2023
Young Pharaoh Exposes Sara Suten Seti R I P out of Africa #tribeup


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40 thoughts on “Young Pharaoh Exposes Sara Suten Seti R I P out of Africa #tribeup

  1. So I see this is a crony and agreeance page. 35+minutes to start, dozens of repetitive minutes of pharaoh, so for 2 hours I waited for you to say 20 times "evolution is false, so this proves at didn't come from Africa". Wow. With all the other stuff that shows we do, from linguistics to archaeology to oral histories to genetics to architecture to seafaring, etc…. This was just wack. Entertainment for the believers of the doctrine, and no one else. Get it together, bro. Present some evidence or something at least, other than memes and pics of lookalikes, smh.

  2. Idk what y’all problem is. I personally know racism is in the “scientifically explained hypothesis”. We are you making all these slanderous videos about ACTIVISTS instead of formally coming with a lecture you make up all by yourself. Stop putting pharaohs videos up and speak for your self and don’t hide your face. We want to hear your side but this video is trash and I already have evidence myself that came from info I learned from Seti. I personally know this video is slanderous and very suspect in regards to your knowledge of the subject and motives

  3. Scientifically speaking, this video is wrong in its detail. Y’all are slowing down our progress with this pathetic form of clout chasing…I personally have watched dr. Ben, Ivan van sertima, Clark and have been INSIDE the public school system as a teacher. You don’t have any true scholarship if you can’t tell there is racism woven into the material. I have also debated college professors on the subject who ADMIT they have no answer for Setis information regarding African history. If you’re not an African phenotype from genetic make up (regardless of rape culture) then please tell me what the fuck you are exactly. Are you claiming to be Olmec? I don’t understand because you don’t have explanation, you only inflict slander and we’re sick of you dumb muthafuckas. There is no need to debunk your garbage…I wish Seti and pharaoh would just ignore you the same way they should ignore Hebrew Israelites….y’all are silly af with your time wasting debates and no other demographic respects any of y’all exempt the ones who match with the material of our greats, such as the ones I listed and add dr Khalid Muhammad in there as well. You talk about the word Africa but the word ABorigines is stupid in itself because it means “not present” like absent, or abnormal. And you show no references. Your rhetoric falls in the category of uneducated and nobody but your friends who don’t understand the university learning systems are the only mfcks who agree with your treasonous videos. No wonder we never see your faces

  4. We Africans not no dam indians . Native Americans don't claim Negros as part of their heritage… Seti knows history especially African history. We came from the interior of Africa 100s of thousands of years ago. We ain't no dam aboriginal people Hotep fam.

  5. We you fill out an application what box you check regarding your race I bet you don't check native Americans because they would tear it up and tell you get yo dumbass out of here it's niggas like you who give black people a bad rep you a clown ass nigga

  6. The title of the video is a bald face lie its a damn shame yall got to lie.. The entire abo movement sits on a pyramid of lies.. Smh. post-traumatic slave disorder, go talk to a African psychiatrist. Get help

  7. First off I cant believe you did this seems as though you have a personal objective and we know the origin of the original man hence original your speculations show you are going off of your own opinion you said things are slow for you …hence meaning your opinion you have no dates where is your time lines you have no facts black is first meaning we populated the whole planet not just Africa we ran the globe other races were not around for a very long time until they were manifested #FACTS I've seen alot of people like you before and normally you feel this way because either your spouse is white or one of your parents are white etc. . But I cant see why as a so called conscience black person that you would go against factual research that puts your heritage in its proper perspective further more your promoting black against blacks for your own personal gain you must have something against seti and if you did why not call the brother up and build with him instead of sharing your dislikes about him with the whole damn world seti has teachers and he teaches what he was taught by the SUPREME scholars of our heritage you have no morals and true understanding because if you did your wouldn't promote going against your brother pharaoh never said anything against SETI you proves nothing matter of fact did pahroh say he dont fuck with seti so why would you say it smh


  9. Again…Now here's the real kicker…. didn't Seti himself ALSO say evolution was bs?? Did you miss THAT part? When he pointed out the Jarawa, Onge, Andamans etc had not evolved in 70K yrs? And, that lions and elephants of Asia and India "devolved if anything" (his exact words)? Did you miss all that? Looks like you wasted your time, bro. Wake up and Sankofa, your ancestors don't like you looking this crazy and denying them, smh.

  10. Another point, did you see where the Chinese TRIED to prove they developed separately from the rest of humanity, ie were not Afrikan?? Turns out they PROVED Afrikans were there first and gave rise to their earliest great civilizations. Less than 5 yrs ago, did you see that? Even Asians are part Afrikan (with Neanderthal and Denisovan, and N-D hybrid's DNA). How TF are THEY part Afrikan, but Y'ALL AIN'T?? Also, ONLY pure blood Afrikans have no Neanderthal traces. So they're the ONLY pure homo sapien sapiens. Yet… Y'all have NEVER shown ANY evidence of the origins of human development starting in the Americas. Drop the bias and Wake TF up, bro.

  11. Plus, you STILL haven't addressed Seti himself saying evolution was bs. He SHOWS Receipts that can be studied independently and still corroborated WITHOUT evolution, even if I don't agree with ALL he says, I HAVE verified MOST of what I've seen him present. You got ONE AFRIKAN skeleton and that's supposed to negate ALL other info outside of evolution?

  12. As for the slave voyage database… From 1700 to 1750 it shows an AVG of 50,000 souls PER YEAR disembarking from Afrika. That's 2.5M/yr in just a 50 yr period! AND… The Nat'l Endowment for the Humanities paid for most of it? White man's gov funds being trusted…. Just not evolution, huh?

  13. Dane calloway, Sara suten, young pharaoh, chief holiday. n a host of other jokers r spewing ignorance" they all don't know enough about history!! the word aboriginal( means hatred of the original beings) this is the etymology of the word aboriginal". . ..

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