December 7, 2022

35 thoughts on “Young Pharaoh On Beef With Dr Umar, Suing Youtube, Exposing Nature Boy & More

  1. Man I watched pharaoh when he first started with sa neter and had high hopes for him. He was intelligent and seemed to want to wake our people. The subscribers got to his head and I didn’t recognize who this dude is now. The black woman is god was the slogan, then he started to change. I hope you find your way on your path brother, peace

  2. pharaoh was walking peaceful and y'all still had a problem, he hung around niggas that held no loyalty to him and y'all still hated him, can't be mad cause he adapted to his environment, you can't compare rizza with pharaoh, two different people, pizza was never in the streets, that's front lines

  3. I don't know if its just me, but I'm carrying those two guns, I rather get caught with them then be lacking without them, im carring point blank period, im cut different

  4. I said it and I'll say it again. The bots be mad if you want. the term WHITE SUPREMACY was a setup and always has been. That's the worst word to use to describe this MATRIX.

  5. Why didn't this goofyfuck ask him about the shootings and the everyday threats against his ex and her family or his upcoming court case for terroristic threats? He just sat there and fondled his crusty balls for 2 hours. Cuckold. 🀬

  6. At 9:11 of this video πŸ˜’ bruh u lost me. U got lots of book knowledge but NO LIFE experience. Going to jail period.means you weren't smart enough to NOT get caught πŸ™ƒ u went to jail for somebody else!… your a young man with NO real life experience… dry snitching at the highest 🀑 you said it yoself living ass nerd πŸ€“

  7. Sad to see all his videos off his YT page. I would stay up all night watching them. I definitely think that in the whole suing YT and speaking the truth, something happened where he had to cool off with his ruthless truthfulness; unless he just got tired of screaming into an empty void. We all know the bots don’t listen.

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