September 18, 2021

36 thoughts on “~Zayloc23 Moving To Ghana West Africa~

  1. Christ died for everyone and thats something we gotta overstand the old testament is about our ancestors disobeying the most high. we are not God but we are Gods chosen we gotta respect God and ask for forgiveness for our daily sins, the whiteman has skewed our perception of the truth and the word of God. Jesus was black and so was mosses and all the other Israelites we gotta get that true knowledge and embrace love and positivety. i respect yall for spreading truths but i just had to say what i had to say shalom my brothers. Christ is King and permaculture is where its at yall peace.

  2. I liv in the uk n movin to ghana is not easy coz of money n Ghana hasnt got a government system like welfare cheque to support n gettn a gud job is nt easy bu I am Ghanaian n will luv to one day return to africa

  3. My plan is to go back home, to the land of my ancestors (Yorubaland)…I am Boukman, I am Toussaint, I am Dessalines, who were also forced into the islands…..

  4. Sitting by the Tree in Nature . Connect back with Nature Walk Bare foot in Grass, get proper Sun , appetite will Drop . You come from Nature and She Will Nurtute you. Come back to the roots literally. We all come from the Orginals ( The Moors ) . Noble Drew Ali Founded the Moorish Science Temple of America in 1913 ( 9 and 13 = I M ) . Thanks Brethren.

  5. My brother My brother!!! looking back on where you came is such a blessing and shows that there is still hope for us…you boldness will filter down to more of our people and you will be talked about way past your years. I will support you on this and truly wish I could do something such as this.

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