August 12, 2022

38 thoughts on “Zimbabwe Accuse the West of destabilization, Ethiopia PM Calls for Peace, Guinea Halts Foreign Mine

  1. It's a great opportunity to have African news agency. In order to take over Western media this channel listeners should participating in every aspects.We are tired of fake news.

  2. Africans need to unite, develop their own army, improve trading among us, roads and infrastructures to connect us, invest in quality education and research, and top notch health care. We sure do have the brain power to develop the continent with even better existing technologies, we only need good leaders unfortunately, and for that I’m praying God to grant us those we need for our existence and respect in this world.

  3. Dr Congo should build better roads Congo have a lot of recourses you better make better use of your resources in Zimbabwe we need no western interfiarance let them go back to there country we don't need them in Africa

  4. I hope that Africa and all of these people come together and Charter their own destiny keep the foreigners out out of Africa's affair Africa affairs belongs to Africans not European not not Americans not Asia

  5. Shocking to hear that of all the African countries, Congo Kinshasa is still running the colonial Era railway system🤔🤔🤔this the richest country in African with precious stones and copper, how presidents were there up to now?…unless Africans demand high standards of infrastructure and superstructure nothing is going to be done…what is the point of even having a government? If nothing is done. Somalia doesn't have a government but everything is running better than a country with a so called government 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. It is sad to hear Congo with all the resources God has blessed them with is using a railway line built before independence. May God have mercy on Africa and intervene. May he deal with those who behind the destruction of Africa. Please pray for Africa fellow believers.

  7. Mugabe was right about NATO, U. N. and the United States in reference to Unfair treatment of African nations! Even inside of the U.N. he spoke of how the african nations had no say regarding african policies!. Think the United States embassy and Consul should be expelled from Zimbabwe and all nations, as their there to spy and bring down and set up governments for their benefit ONLY!.

  8. Why follow west's or American's sanctions.
    They sanctioned Russia not Africa.
    I think it's time to destroy west or America's hegemony.
    They create problems everywhere in name of human rights or democracy and try to impose their thinking to others.

  9. Guinea is right in ensuring that the country must benefit from its resource. This is prudent thinking and action.
    As for Munangagwa of Zimbabwe, he said at his inauguration that he would align himself to Israel, "holly land" in order to gain God's favour. I wonder what favour he got. But now, like Zelensky, he is seeing what the west is made of.
    Africa, stay awake and keep vigil, lest you be overtaken by imperialists.

  10. Instead of allowing these foreigners to come in and take your resources and only give you 15%. Why don’t you take those very same resources and mine them yourselves and give them nothing, unless to purchase. This reason why this continues to happen is because your leaders have been put in place by the very people who are stealing your resources. What leader would do this unless he was bought. That 15% is not going towards the people either. It’s going into your so called leader’s pocket.

  11. While we are too busy accusing the west for this and that, instead of doing something about it. I'm seeing how the nazijews are busy transferred the Ukrainian around the world. Which is good, yet, they didn't care of African children drowning in the Mediterranean at all. Nor the Ethiopian True Jews. 🙄 It's so sad, that we are still talking about their stabilization that we have suffered under for centuries now.

  12. Sanctions don't work,they only harden the regime being sanctioned and innocent people suffer.Sanctions are also a form of hegemony to install puppets into power,other countries commit worse crimes yet have zero sanctions coz the West makes money from them. Zimbabwe is getting punished coz they don't bow down to Western interests. Saudi Arabia commits far worse human rights violations than Zim yet have zero sanctions coz they are business partners with the West.So it's double standards.

  13. they cant stay from africa political system cuz they have betrayals inside they're Missionary of Antichrist they help them to colonized the continent slave our people and impose colonized education system Upon Our People change our continent from Alkebulan to Africa and Africao was part the Roman empire and they was Missionary of Antichrist whom think they torture and crucified jesus claim it was authorizer by Jewish and they creating book to deceiving mankind from reality but now time is close to the end they know it 🙏

  14. White supremacists believes in controlling both sides of the political process their own interests we in grassroots have to work together to get rid of them period

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