September 22, 2023
Zimbabwe Immigration | Zim government to help repatriate citizens

The Zimbabwean government is offering to help repatriate its citizens in South Africa. This is as the Zimbabwe Exemption Permit …


24 thoughts on “Zimbabwe Immigration | Zim government to help repatriate citizens

  1. Zanu PF shoild speak to ANC to extend work permits for 5 years, Why should Zimbabweans be discriminated, when the boers, the britons, the nigerians, the lesothos are not asked to leave. Zanu PF should release all political prisoners, give medicine in hospitals, give those in zimbabwe electricity and water.

  2. Okay but why have we got Xenophobia pushing them, and USA, in Zimbabwe, helping them to return. They wanna boost Steel production in Zimbabwe. My word…. Zimbabwe is about to rise from the dead. πŸ΄β€β˜  We are going to die. It's our turn. No.

  3. Good thing. We struggle to look after all these people.
    With only 10% of sa people contributing tax it becomes impossible to feed and babysit even our own population.

  4. We had Brexit, the results are in. You just wait and see how your economy is going to be impacted. I will be home 🏑 soon, as usual, tread carefully on this subject.

  5. Stupid questions what kind of life they will be facing to their country it is not our problem, they must just leave our country and go and face their problems we have helped them they are going with our Rands, R1 in Zim is R10 so R50 they are rich they must leave our country πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘‰

  6. It takes some audacity to invite an ambassador onto your program and then brashly insult their country repeatedly. Surely professionalism should not be suspended because of personal opinion.

  7. Good interview Heidi… they claim they want a better life, but when they get here they give birth like there is no tomorrow πŸ™†β€β™‚οΈπŸ™†β€β™‚οΈπŸ™†β€β™‚οΈ

  8. This man must help them all. There's no " those who wishes to go " For SA citizens it's now or never. SA citizens have been listening to Zimbabweans stories for over 30 years now. " You will never live and grow in your country if we allow you to undermine us as you stay like parasites you are here." They are way too comfortable, and that's why they treat us as stupid, telling SAns about BOERS and British. That's not their problem, it's SAns. BOERS are SA nation because their father ancestors didn't come with wives ,and BOERS didn't fall from the sky. We all know that this is their motherland too. They were created in SA just like coloreds. They have more rights than all other African nationals outside SA. So please Zimbabweans attend to your own situation and conditions right now. And live everyone else that has nothing to do with you in our country to us, just go go go πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ and build your own country πŸ›–πŸšπŸ›– time is up here , and no more delays. Thank you very much. Don't even wait for June, because we need our classrooms for our children urgently, We cannot allow them to learn in congested classrooms anymore, and it's dangerous for the their health by doing so. Zimbabwe schools, hospitals, clinics , universities and so forth, are almost empty. Because you are all here, looking down on other Zimbabweans in your country. You should be ashamed of yourselves. This man talking here must remember that at the end, Ramaphosa is SAn president, not of Zimbabwean. Our government is also SAns. Why must they always treat SA as their branch. We're sick of it, that people of SA are getting older with their universities certificates. And our young graduates are discouraged by our own government, pleasing Zimbabweans particularly and other African nationals. They are so frustrated not knowing when will their chance come, in their own country. If that parasite in Pretoria thinks is the only it good, why don't he be it in Zimbabwe or Burundi and Zambia etc. I'm sure now Zimbabweans get first preference entrance in Pretoria university. Our doctors , teachers etc are sitting at home hopefully thinking if they can get any employment in SA it will be better. That too is not for SA citizens, it's for Zimbabweans. Aghaa man we've given these parasites and their thieves way too much time and understanding. To the point that we forgot about ourselves in the process. These Zimbabwean presentatives must stop delays, negotiations zokunuka, enough is just way over enough. This person doesn't need to ask how their lives will be in their country. Kanti all along they're here, didn't they visited their families in their homes and upgrade them. Or they must forgotten so soon their lifestyle in their homes. If it was SAn asked that question that how he's gonna live outside or foreign country, I will understand but not asking SAn how he's going to live in SA. It's out of the question. Zimbabweans in SA are no better than Zimbabweans in Zimbabwe. The only thing they got is a chance of changing their lives into a good place, that's all.

  9. They shouldn't wish, they have to go, because they are the ones that bring this corruption in the Countries. And teaching our children to do drugs and all the other Narcotics that cannot explain

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