September 18, 2023
Zimbabwean Inventor unveils Worlds First Self-Powered TV

41 thoughts on “Zimbabwean Inventor unveils Worlds First Self-Powered TV

  1. What is Physics and what is an invention?….. Mad organisations all over the world want the money to keep coming so they fight stuff like this. This invention is NOT contrary to Physics but a proper application of Physics……

  2. ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE IDEA AND GLAD that he has put it on the WORLD WIDE WEB Along with his other inventions…. I did not realize you had to be a scientist to produce a product that could be registered with a patton Or is that just an EXCUSE to DENY this brotha his SUCCESS ?

  3. This is something that BLACKS WITH MONEY SHOULD BE KNOCKING ON HIS DOOR TO INVEST so he can establish this product … No matter what country they come from , But KEEP the production there in AFRICA

  4. Goes against the laws of physics!! White man didn't create physics, God did, and he gives knowledge to whom he will. I pray that the God of creation and invention place a hedge of protection around he. And his family

  5. "…goes against the laws of physics?" Huh? How ndoes it do that? If this man is living in the west he should come back to Zimbabwe immediately. Does he not have a patent lawyer? Something doesn't fit.

  6. No matter how foolish the Zimbabwean leaders or African Leaders are, whether they have money or not. They should all Grant this guy full protection and beautiful home and a nice family and also Grant him an open source account for him to live the life that he wants with his family. Then he should first create a blueprint of his design and transfer his knowledge for his countries benefit before he is killed. Cos they're gonna kill him. Death awaits such people of great talents especially when they're from African descent. History has always repeated itself always and he's no special.

  7. Unfortunately No country in Africa will protect him because AFRICA HAS LONG BEEN COLONIZED AND SOLD OUT! Almost every leader of every country are of European descent and have Indo Euro Slav/wht women for wives. NOT WHITE as you know it due to the Original Royalty and Monarchs of Europe are DARK SKINNED PEOPLE.

    Why he showed the world this is why he was poisoned.

  8. The problem is he wants to make mad money from it that's why competition is trying to eliminate him. God gave him freely to develop mankind let him stop being greedy and make plans and design available to all, like open source. The world would benefit greatly and he would have the greatest credit. Why hasn't he published his designs online? Does he want to profit from it? If that's the case then they will eventually get him as they got others before him.

  9. "Defying laws of physics "
    Einstein himself saying, ' I am only an experiment away to be disproved '
    Advancement is an open field.
    Well Done to the Man, scepticism can get back on the drawing board and work out the Equations / formula's, infinity.!

  10. Today let me tell you all, in history most and I mean most inventions are made by BLACK PEOPLE but because we were slaves THE white will take the idea 💡 and present it to the World and people think they are the ones who brought it. Read history

  11. Energy supplier will never be happy with these invention,that's why he is already poisoned in the US.Why do we Africans always want acceptance,he could have just produced and sold locally.Maybe the thought of Big Bucks and fame went to his head,many,many inventors have died for their inventions.

  12. they should use their technology in their country no matter what other countries say.. build a country where it is impossible possible.. so you don't depend on other countries

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