September 22, 2023
SELF POWERED TV - A Zimbabwean inventor Mr Maxwell Chikumbutso’s latest invention. WATCH

Zimbabwean inventor maxo comboto is reportedly living in fear all because he wanted to give the world free energy powered devices. Hey guys welcome back to the channel. This is master the zymtec guy. If you’re new to the channel, please consider subscribing and if you do eventually end up liking the video please give it a thumbs up.

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On that note help me thank my biggest patrons tom ward, takurio, no motta and april. Thank you so much for the continued support zimbabwean inventor maxwochi kumbuto is living in fear. This comes after he recently unveiled a self-powered tv that does not need a socket to operate according to maksochi kumbutov.

All of his inventions were inspired by god. He actually got all the ideas from the visions of the , as in the guy was sleeping, and he just got ideas for inventions. Last year, chikumbuto was reportedly poisoned in the u.

s he had to spend a month in hospital to make matters worse. Chicken butter was reportedly informed by one of his top advisers that there were five mexican hitmen that had been hired to kill him. I think the question that everybody might be asking is: why would people target chikunboto right? Well, according to him, it’s because of free energy.

Now you know what happens in the world when somebody offers free energy right, but let’s say for one second max sochi, kumbutsu’s inventions. Actually genuine. Can you try to imagine what sort of change they’ll bring to the world, and can you imagine how many other businesses will probably go broke now? Isn’T it in those businesses best interests to get rid of the competition so to speak? I’M not saying this.

His inventions are genuine or not, but why is he being refused to patent his products in a press statement he released maxwell had this to say, has taught us how the cabals operate at different levels and how dangerous free energy is.

The cabals won’t fight. Non-Threatening ideas and inventions they focus on fighting what seems to have great potential. The cabal is actually people who work for them in many powerful offices such as media finance, politicians and government.

So here’s what they would do so as to frustrate if they see that the idea and the invention has great potential, they will make sure that you will not get a patent at any patent office around the world.

They use this statute inventions which are frivolous or contrary to well-established natural laws, for example, inventions that are against natural laws of any machines, giving hundred percent efficiency or any machine giving output without the common input cannot be considered as obvious and cannot be patented automatically free Energy devices won’t be patentable under this law.

That is why we are here today and we had to take the trade secret route trying to protect the ip since we could not get a patent. Maxo computer has so far unveiled a helicopter which utilizes six different fuels.

A self-powered generator generator an electric car and of recent a self-powered tv. Now, if these inventions turn out to be genuine, you can understand why maybe he might have a target on his head now, i’m not saying it’s genuine or not, but the big question is: why are they refusing him to pay attention his products according to jokumboto, even His safe technology’s website was reportedly taken down because they are saying he’s selling something that is fraudulent.

They are saying it goes against the laws of physics, so i mean why would they hinder him from registering it? According to him, his inventions are classified as perpetual motion devices, which means they cannot be patented.

But if you try to look at it from another angle, why are they putting in so much effort to discredit chicken, but so isn’t there a way of them? Maybe coming and testing the devices to see if they’re working so do you think chicken butter’s inventions are real or not leave a comment down below.

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