November 28, 2022

27 thoughts on “Zimbabwe's Unvaccinated Banned, 7 Africans Make TIMES 100 List so Should We Care? Somali Fight

  1. Vaccinated people are still testing positive. There is also natural immunity that protects people who have gotten covid before. One you get could your posy creates its own immunity defense same thing the virus is supposed to give you. same defense because the vaccine contains the virus too. Are you waiting for America to make that consideration and then copy them? Where are the African doctors? stop being stupid!!!!

  2. Why do we rarely hear any News from the former Portuguese colonies such as Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe ? Every News broadcast there is always News from Kenya ? Why is that ?

  3. Yes african white supremacy is still working in africa.. having these african leaders kissing white supremacists ass and penalizing your own people .stop asking ifor approval from white people.. think for yourself africans creat your own rules and regulations when it comes to your own people. Stop taking instructions from your oppressors. Africa Unite

  4. Great job Zim. One of the worst off countries in the world, and now a western Cov!d puppet making your people suffer even more. I hope the colonialists give you lot's of goodies!

  5. The African Union should leave Guinea alone am saying this as a Congolese Felix Tshisekedi and your gang of criminals leave Guinea alone and start focusing on the matters that DRC is facing 2000 promise and 0 realisation 101 travels with 0 investors almost 3billion spent just in small staff that don’t even help the Congolese people tshisekedi if you don’t open your eyes you may end up like alpha konde or worse

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