September 21, 2023
Zion Lexx: Promise To Take Down The General Sara Suten Seti

27 thoughts on “Zion Lexx: Promise To Take Down The General Sara Suten Seti

  1. I don't know of ONE debate/discussion Zion has won. He still running around hyping up himself lol…anyway we must learn not to make these discussions divide us in business and our social lives.

  2. OK WWF is back again these debates are the new WWF these brothers are all talk I remember watching one of saneta videos and you hear saneta telling you what to say lying lexx brother set I will stomp yo ass

  3. Sa meter I think it's time for the people to see who you really are and what you are truly about. I will summoned you before the people and pick you a part piece by piece. I'm going to show how you claim to be about Black Power but in reality your about self, you don't stand on any principles wether it be Kemetic or otherwise, your a fraud prepare yourself it will take place on 6-6-16

  4. Didn't Seti and Polight in their different lectures basically show christianity, judaism, and islam to be just a potluck of different symbols and myths thrown together and put in book form?

  5. scholarship mean nothing when you have common sense know science and mathematics it will piss you off too when somebody preaching something thats not logical and they know its not

  6. We have to stop these debates against each other da neter it's too much division. We have to start debating and tearing down white scholars not ourselves come on now

  7. sounds like brothers drop the knicks and picked up the Hebrews, kemetics and islamics…the point of a debate is to gain info.  you either further validate your point or you learn what's the truth…its a win, win situation if your mind is in the right place

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