September 22, 2023
Zuby Sets Panel Straight On Black Lives Matter And Black People Being Oppressed By Systemic Racism

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discusses with panel on UK .

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49 thoughts on “Zuby Sets Panel Straight On Black Lives Matter And Black People Being Oppressed By Systemic Racism

  1. Just spitballing here… It would be interesting to see if the democrat immigration and energy policies disproportionately affected black Americans by cancelling their jobs and reducing their job opportunities because of competition for the same jobs with immigrants.

    I have no idea about the answer, but it could be true. Even if it is proportional, they were still affected.

  2. Go back as far as you want. When someone says that they are a community organizer, activist, whatever, they are the only ones that benefit financially. Obama was a community organizer. That community is worse off than ever and he and his wife got rich. Same with Sharpton, Jackson, and any other one you can name.

  3. Wow, i never heard of Zuby, but dang is he very smart and articulate and increddibly accurate with what he is saying. Love this guy.

  4. Black people are hesitant to take the vaccine not because they don't trust their government. It's because black communities are devoid of Walgreens, CVS, rite aid, those stupid vans they have everywhere

  5. From the first moment I came into contact with liberals I hated their twisted ways tryna use my aboriginal heritage against me and always acting lkke they my savior. Since I found Malcolm X and even before I been on an independence path and that bothers them the most cuz that's when we find ourselves. They start sensing how we seperate ourselves from their culture, people and all and then they become extra tryna be overfriendly. Y'all know what I mean my black brothers & sisters

  6. Bruh got all up in her ass,other didn't want no parts of that beat down…and when he said he's not oppressed and they not helping the people old girl on the corner had to take a quick drink cuz her throat dried up so fast she couldn't breathe.lmao

  7. That was incredible watching a white woman try to gain an ally on her radical views and that guy articulate his opposition running circles around her. How gone are these people, and I'm talking about white liberals, try to tell black people they know more about their oppression than they do

  8. Black dude calling LATINOS/LATINAS LATINx IS racist. I'm American Mexican don't call me that shit in person or your going to have a bad rest of the day. Nor All the Mexican community here don't accept that derogatory term, period.

  9. BLM was never about helping black folks in any way whatsoever. In fact the organization was created by marxists with the goal to destroy the nuclear family. Wife/Husband/2 kids. That goal was plastered on their website for years and was finally removed very recently due to so many black voices being raised about that goal.

  10. "white knightess" is confused that the "oppressed black man" she is "helping" doesn't believe he needs help nor wants it…nor even asked for it. And she's confused…offended?

  11. Oh I was so irritated watching this whole thing go down live when they started up the whole Chaz thing. Kids were running around with cameras streaming the entire time. I was watching at the end when the people who organized the whole thing left those kids out there and went to "meetings" with city officials. They never came back. All the kids out there were so confused trying to figure out what they were supposed to do next until the police came in and ran them out. They waited until a deal was made, then some of them called some of kids they left to look after things to tell everyone it's over…..They struck a deal…. Disgusting..

  12. Today's liberals DO NOT WANT
    to solve problems.

    A liberal without problems has no purpose for existing. And they can't excavate tax dollars.

    These scammers are griping about Nitrogen. The air we breathe is 78% nitrogen. There is no nitrogen problem.

    The emperor has no clothes.

  13. I am so happy to be awake and alive in the time that so many black Americsns are finding their voice….I am a blend of liberal and conservative, a white woman with all sorts of diverse American friends -.but I have been hoping for this my whole life, b/c i've always felt that the dems seemed to treat you as tokens or something….weird. and WRONG. Go. conservative, my black bros and sis's. – They waiting for you to engage as the ull human being you are, not the servant class that the left has kept you in. <3. love yall. Get involved, this country belongs to you as.much as anyone else. Grasp that golden rimg, Our. especially your own. ancesters forged it FOR YOU. <3. I am all about the spirit of unity and I feel that leftist rhetoric only tells that our cultite is racist,nand thatnis NOT TRUE!!! If anythin,I yearn to hop up and down and reclaim OUR country with you and pritect it from the leftists who always preach about 'our democracy' uet seek to destroy it.

  14. the whole point of America , for EVERYONE, is unlimited opportunity .. Don't let the dems tell you.otherwise. Dems seem to be kind. yet ultimately assume y'all are stupid or something…it's sickening, the dems a r e using the low info voters. Thanks for all you do. BCP.

  15. Im an indie from the left, alienated by nuanced values…I care and am excited by what I see evolving in the black American subculture/community. 'Woke' is trash, let's just engage as equals from now on .

  16. If young black men/women put as much heart into lifting each other up and supporting their communities and families as much as they do into rapping about drugs,murder and abusing men/women they’d be UNSTOPPABLE.

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