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Patricia Cota-Robles – Return To Christ Consciousness –

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Comment (46)

  1. OMG! This is really imp. Info but you have to know when you are in 3d or 5d. and In not sure how to integrate all of me. Wow. The more I learn to more I need to learn. Thanks Paul. Live and Light to you all.💖😊💗🤗

  2. Whoop . My Kin Day is 256 – 9 Warrior . For me in the UK that is tomorrow Monday 8th . I am having Fabulous Synchronicity in my life . I Am Blessed 🙏💖💖💖

  3. it is not 5D Versus 3D. never are dimensions in opposition or seperation. they are infinitely cohesive and flow as veins would with our life. we flow through them at the pace we need and we enjoy, and their seperation and opposition is our perception. it is time to behold the arrival, the return of the understanding that there never was a war the light and love of Prime Source Creator/YHWH has not already won.

    i love you.

    -Bailey Vold (Sky Star)

  4. Thank you so much for this…the word teleportation came to me a few weeks ago and it was weird…I know i am not ready for this and i feel i am getting downloads when it is appropriate as I know I will be helping the humans in my circle—I am struggling a bit with heavy fatigue and migraines…I am accepting of this but had an angry moment yesterday and I just felt trapped in this feeling but I quickly let it go…I am grateful I am able to rest when needed and I have good people in my life and I am so ever thankful to you for these important messages..I always resonate with you…hopefully we will meet one day along with all of our other brothers and sistars!!

  5. Thanks, Paul.
    The Final Days channel shows us "we're not in Kansas anymore"! Planets visible through the chemtrails. The dark ones can no longer hide this from us. Awaken, dear ones!

  6. Wow everything that was mentioned about the 5D manifesting is 100% true! And with that explanation there is nothing stopping us now! 😃💎🌍✨

  7. The central sun 🌞 at the centre of the heart 💓 is charging hence the pulsing. With a final pulse the event. The aches and un describable pain is pulsing so we must be changing too as all EMPaths are an Electro magnetic 🧲 pulse. I hope this is over soon love you

  8. Between each word you speak…under each word you utter…..beside each word you emphasize there is meaning once hidden but now revealed to an open heart that was once closed. A heart that I can now let guide me through all things in the understanding it is neither mortal or unreal. It has no thought only contentment and solice in its being. It holds the very essence of God himself which I AM. And I will follow it ALL the days of my life. (Perhaps when people say follow your heart they are basically saying follow God within) And with this knowing I am truly free. Love has ALWAYS been my soul strength. All I had to do was just BE. "I AM THAT I AM" YOU helped me discover this beautiful thing……Thank you Paul!!!❤

  9. When I think about where I was just a year ago and where I am today its night and day. I AM truly knowing, understanding and loving who I AM. Thank you Paul. Much of my understanding is listening to your broadcasts. It is opening and revealing some BEAUTIFUL TRUTH within. ❤🌈🙏❤

    Thanks You awesome MICHAEL LOVES 😘💌🙏👼😇💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  11. Absolutely amazing and increadable day😇
    Time to manifest our 5D paradise -nothing but purest bliss and joy❤🤗💖💞

  12. 11:44pm and #44 like ,handle is 11 44. Today was some how very important. I felt an overwhelming ringing which usually doesn't bother me today made me sleep. I kept feeling a very strong love filling my heart, not my own but from outside myself. Then a couple of times it turned to tears of joy and pain. I have never experienced this before. I am an empath and an element of Ki, it was a hard day . Thank you for your love.lolly

  13. 11 comments lol, well THAT'S just a blink in MY world, as the "11 gurl" lol 👍. ThanQ my sweet Paul, I just started watchin-so I'm sure I'll add more lol, but had to take the chance to break this 11, with LOVE to say that.
    Ciao4now lol,

  14. Hello Everyone 😁 Did you feel uplifted Tonight (July 5th)? I woke up Very tired this morning and felt tired All day, However, I Received an Uplifting 2nd Wind Around 9PM. I’m Sending Everyone Energy,Happiness and True Tru Love 🧡 Fay 🍀🧚🏻‍♀️🌈


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