The Crystal Chamber of Wisdom * THE HUMAN TEMPLE * KIN 12: Yellow Crystal Human

The Crystal Chamber of Wisdom * THE HUMAN TEMPLE * KIN 12: Yellow Crystal Human

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Patricia Cota-Robles – Return To Christ Consciousness –

Divine Alchemy: We Are Becoming Crystalline Light Beings –

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Comment (30)

  1. Lol! I get to make the 47th comment (47=11. 👍😊). You know how MUCH I love my 11's Paul, lol (I turned °47°(11)<😄❗47!> on Dec 11th, 2018(11), birth name=11 letters, I live in apt# 111, etc. It follows me EVERYwhere 😄.

    ThanQ Paul! Great transmissions 😊👍. The light has WON this last battle on 3Dland planet Earth. After we go thru the event (planet Earth and surface population co-ascension, the first EVER in our Universe!)-we'll finally be back HOME!

    And once we get there, together, we'll all commiserate over what we survived, as we CELEBRATE our new found FREEDOM TOGETHER! 😊
    All love, all ONE! And WWG1WGA 🙌.

    i love YOU SO MUCH
    My Own body soul Spirit 🕊 🕊 🕊
    Yes Amen my sweet

  3. I had a flash last night over top me…it was not a meteor those arc…it was like someone had a big flashlight right over me and they clicks it on and off once…its been a little strange …even for me and I follow spirit before man ….so that's saying something…this happened once before when I was in Cali by a river ..that one was huge like a camera flash bright …this one was softer

  4. Blessings and love to you Paul and everyone…peace from southern Ontario where the ships light up the vault of heaven every clear night here…and no one sees them but me!

  5. Another very hot night in England. I awoke twice. The first time when I glanced at my clock the numbers were 1:44 and the second time 4:56. The synchronisities were many that day manifesting in different ways. 🙏

  6. Very hard purging for the collective and ancestors
    Headaches + neck cramps/tension + ringing in ears
    Emotionally triggered, anger, compulsive behavior and mood swings
    Sleeping patterns all over the place
    I put the stick of "I am sick of this" in the wheel of karma and it stops turning
    Bless you LightWorkers, LoveWorkers and Starseeds, we go through this because we are masters and WE CAN !!!

  7. Starting to work as a bartender in couple of days…. so im learning how do infuse high vibrations in Water/drinks/alcohol to purify it with love and light. Any reference that could help me on my journey in learning those thing would be great. Many thanks.

  8. Had the most explosive thunderstorm here in UK. 45,000 bolts was estimated. And yes the huge flash of light lit the whole room up to daylight levels at 1am.. Amazing to witness and be a part of. Very grateful

  9. Paul I am feeling like I'm floating today my vibes have been so high! Watching your sunset clouds yesterday was like a spiritual experience for me. It really was. I can't believe nobody (including you!) commented on my comment of seeing the pyramid complete with a capstone in that cloud!!! It's right there!!!!!!!! I went back today to make sure I wasn't hallucinating. I'm like holy cow, THAT is either a sign or a starship or perhaps both!!!!! William

  10. We also blew a generator at the place I’m staying in Colorado. Feeling nauseous.🌈💜🦋😘💕🙏😍💚🥰❤️😘😘😘😘😘😘💕😘😘😘😘😘

  11. Omg, I love this message. I know this to be true, it’s happening. Wow I feel it so much they my being. Bless us all with love 💕 and light🌈😍🦋💜🦋💕🙏🥰💚❤️😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  12. Solar plexus opening happening in my entire family group. Diarrhea, infections, reactions to antibiotics, gas, nausea, pains etc. Abundance is coming in as we are letting go of Survival Earth today. Global expansion of Creative feminine energy in both males and females. Males are becoming balanced while staying true to their gender and embracing the soft masculinity dedicated loyal to their counterpart gender – balanced female. Outspoken strong true and abundant. That is a true Union.
    My channel is telling me I am stepping in it parallel Earth Nova Gaia. The belief that people cannot return from death in to their bodies has been resolved. A belief in incurable illnesses has been resolved. So expect to see miraculous cures popping up and more miracles to come. In my dreams I am living in New Earth already. My father is alive again, my mother has reversed her physical vessel to 30 human years. All is peachy. We have transitioned!
    Cheers friends.

  13. During my meditation, I often think about Jesus parabole in which he said that "he'll destroy the temple and rebuild it in three days" As we approach to the final event, people are having visions of people laying down on the floor, but some are still standing during the final event. That makes me believe that the parabole will very much apply to everyone of us at the moment of the event. We will be knocked out and then be back on our feet. Cory Goode has also said that. Also Jesus said that to enter the Kingdom of heaven, we must be reborn. The event will be all of the above. We will perish and reborn with a completely new energy. We can feel it as these energies are becoming more prominents.

  14. At 12:15am there was a massive meteorite that lit up the sky in Hawaii….saw footage from peoples security camera …wonder if there were multiple ones last night 🤔

  15. I Had Worst Pressure In Frontal Head Region Didn't Last Too Long Few Body Achs I'm Entering Area You're Explaining I'm Getting Beyond Darkness By Calling On My Guides & The Galactics To Assist Me As I Use My Eyes Wide Shut To Slowly Navigate My Way What A Marvelous Experience Not Easy But I Am We Are Alll That WE ARE LOVE😅😅😅❤❤❤😊😊😊😎


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