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Patricia Cota-Robles – Return To Christ Consciousness –

Divine Alchemy: We Are Becoming Crystalline Light Beings –

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Comment (20)

  1. For anyone who hasn't experienced dark spirits/being they truly have not got light within them if only it were true we would all be love and light beings love and light to all whom don't believe 😊

  2. So many truths expressed here, thank you, I cut my path with Don Juan, so much knowledge in that path. I found you through Naughty Beaver, As my Title says, I Am no.12 prophet of Our Lord, I AM ✴The Source

  3. You are a beautiful one I love appreciate and learning much as it closes I want to help somehow in spirit I am waiting on abundance I feel oneness I feel so compassionate about your path you are truly amazing and I appreciate you love you brother

  4. Blessings and comfort, Paul!!! Lots of love. The clouds will part, and we will rise again. The fires burn, but we are of incombustable material, and so, like in the book of Daniel, they throw us into the furnace, and we keep THRIVING. They do it multiple times before they stop from fear that whatever power is keeping us from harm is going to hold then to their actions. Then they don't know where to turn. We know the source from within, the void, like you are saying, as I am listening to your voice and typing this. It is all synchronicity and flow. This mystery is everything and amazing. Om shanti shanti shantih.

  5. Thank u so much for yr messages. Star seed nation is happening! I am overwhelmed with the energies flooding through the portal atm . We are winning. I am feeling huge washes of energy n being inspired with sacred geometry n info. Can t stop writing n drawing n spouting the oneness experience to all. The codes of enlightenment are being poured into us. Tis so beautiful and exciting. A whole new world is manifesting via us all. Today crystal encodements being anchored. Am delighted been waiting nigh on 50 years for this vibration on the earth. It is here. We are now divine creators free through great central sun n heart green love ray. Love yr channel n so greatful to u and all who post their intuitive downloads. 💕💕💕woo hoo . Days beyond our highest imaginings are about to unfold.😁😁😁

  6. Paul try getting a single Xanax from your family doctor and get a super sleep. You still broadcast your very reliable thinking, but it seems you are getting ragged at the edges. We love you. We need you. We need you healthy.

  7. Where does Gaia’s consciousness reside now? As of two days ago, Gaia, beloved across the galaxy, and across the multiverse as the jewel of the Creator’s Works has left the building and is now happy as a clam in New Earth, a pristine paradise.

    We, those who wish to follow her physically, pursuant to the inviolate principle of free will, eagerly await departure. Gaia is safe. Safe from wars, deforestation, nuclear radiation, raping of her resources, discarded plastics, air pollution, and the deplorable ruination of her water. New Earth shall likely never be subject to local novas, planetX scares, a highly variable sun (unless benevolently controlled). I’m unsure if our existing Sun (Helios, Ra, Sol?) will provide New Earth’s light.

    Finally, thanks to galactic intervention of billions of souls, and massive resource intervention by brave galactic engineers and warriors, She is safe. Next project: migration of ourselves, we humans, to New Earth over time and co-creation of environments that support representative subsets of civilizations from all over the Creator’s Multiverse. Much more to be imagined here.

    Though we can create our own individual reality, having a common theme, manager, and rules with Gaia approving each choice is bound to make the outcome the tourist attraction and model for all the Creator’s worlds. What we create here will proliferate across the multiverse. We are blessed by the Creator to carefully craft into the New World those aspects that characterize civilizations lasting millions of years.

    We shall be eternally grateful to the vast galactic armada and its loving crews who freed us from millennias of bondage.

  8. My chrysalis phase is over I thought when I got up this morning. Now I am going to let the energies unfold and pump up my wings. It is what I’ve been longing for. I am going to fly. I wonder if the concrete city I hid in during my chrysalis, can handle all the beauty I am going to emit. I am happy. Thank you Paul, I got called to your channel 4 weeks ago. In your voice I heard what I needed to hear. It broke my waters. I love you very much.

  9. Maroon. The color of the robes the monks wore that taught me a great deal of meditation. I don't know yet what the coloer means. I know it must be from the part of where they are from and the how they believe…. i think it is of the zen technique or style of meditation??? Am i correct or can you please enlighten me to understand what are the colors that we can more easily understand?
    Thank you so very much Paul for your guidance, support, patience and lovw to us. You have always been a very loving source of encouragement to me. You gave me light when I was not feeling it. You have made me feel love and all feelings exactly when I needed to feel and understand. The mission you have accepted helpwd to give me the strength to keep carrying on. I love and appreciate how you have gifted me for 1 to just know you. And I introduced you to my husband and family and friends. You are greatly appreciated by so many more that you would be very surprized. I too feel time is now very close to non existence. Thank you. Victory to the light! Love and light wins!


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