* THE EVENT – PLANETARY EVOLUTION IN PROGRESS! * Lions Gate Portal ~ KIN 20: Yellow Resonant Sun

* THE EVENT – PLANETARY EVOLUTION IN PROGRESS! * Lions Gate Portal ~ KIN 20: Yellow Resonant Sun


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Comment (43)


  2. I can't take it. I am the only one who knows this in MY WORLD. I AM OUT. I'm waiting for you Jesus. I got tired. Jve waited for this MOMENT all my life yet still am not prepared. So sorry.

  3. Hello Everyone 😁 Spells are 3D Energy and cannot Penetrate 5DIMENSIONAL and Above. Paul Is Always Protected and We Are All Protected By Tru Tru Love, The Angels, Archangels, Seraphim,Cherabim,Thrones,Principalities,Powers,Dominions,Virtues, Our Spirit Guides and Spiritual Guides. Sending You All Strength, and Happiness and the Powerof the Trinity Of 3. God, Our Good Lord Jesus Christ, Mother Mary and the Holy Spirit. Love, 🧡 Love 💕, Fay 🧚🏻‍♀️

  4. Thank you!😊💗✨ been seeing 1010, 1141, 114, 144, 808, 383, 1111,111 a lot the last week now… lol the children’s little song weeblez, wobbles, but we don’t fall down, has been replaying in my mind over and over again❤️❤️❤️ …. the thunder and lightning is another one I keep hearing..

  5. We Love you Brother and Black Dragon Tall Paul, we Love your Nephew James and we Love every LoveWorker, LightWorker and WayShower who crossed over before us while on mission. Your Infinite and Eternal Love is with us as our Infinite and Eternal Love is with you.

    Blessings, Everyone 🥰🥰

  7. Dear Paul, Danke 🙏 1000mal for the Hope, the Light and the Love you bring to us. I am suffering hard depressions having bipolar disturbances. I hope with the New and Lions gate energies clearing my cells this disease will fade away forever. What can I do to be 100 healthy? Do you feel a darkness clearing thanks to the celestial energies too? Love and light Michael

  8. Hey brother! I had 2 wild baby deer run right up to me and I recorded it! I posted it on my YouTube .. it was a magical moment. I was interfacing w/ the mama and one of the babies took notice and you will see what happens at around the 1 minute in case your pressed for time😉 .🙏 blessings to you all

  9. synchronisation last 36hrs: crow visits, cat with yellow eyes coming to my table, pigeons lining up and making fly bys. Love from Himalayas, following <3

  10. Love and Light and Truth Paul! We are all 1 and I am excited for 8/15!
    The dark tried to take out a blue avien sphere being the size of a planet they shot a DEW at it into space by the sun they Sphere Being simply redirected the energy back to the base in Australia destroying it! Love it. Take care brother!

  11. Thank you Paul, I can feel the beautiful energy and emotion that you put into this video. What a beautiful time to be alive. I so look forward to each transmission, I appreciate you so much.❤

  12. I've Been Sleeping A Lot😄 Energies Are Thick!!!I'm Grateful That You Tell Me To Keep In The Light Cause I Was Literally Told Yeserday To Go Under My Veil? I'm Going To SHINE SHONE SINE CAUSE My Fatger Said As He Sang When He Was On Planet "This Little Light Of Mine I'm Gonna Let It Shine" I Didn't Know What He Meant Then I Do Now "All In My Bones I'm Gonna Let It Shine Let It Shine Let It Shine Let It Shine😅😅😅😄😄😄❤❤❤😎

  13. 🤩🤩😻😻🎉🎉 WOW! What a inspiring and uplifting message! I am going through a very tough time, my husband had spinal surgery, and spending my time in the hospital. So exhausted, but feeling the energies! Such good news!

  14. A 10× mirror? I guess I'll proclaim that you will face extreme love and compassion. Abundance that's overwhelming. Love and light will find you in every corner you roam. No matter how far you roam my love and support will follow you as long as its wanted.

  15. Message again received! ❤️❤️❤️ Thank-you, Paul. Here is a wonderful support tool to promote the function of our own true vision, the pineal gland. Cross-eyed view practise is great training: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F15d63yFlNU&fbclid=IwAR25G3Z-unQWHlnjQzk6Xyo74Usuqh7MPfh3dB6hreJLWQdxheijzZGtCXc Science behind this is supported by the decoded Maia Code and sound recognition based sound-light heeling technology. MUCH LOVE AND LIGHT TO EVERYONE, especially those who resonate with this. Let's become a ross-eyed vision community!!! 💫🌟🌱🌈🙏🇬🇧♥️💙

  16. This transmission was Heavenly 🌟 You have truly assisted in bringing Heaven to Earth, beautiful soul brother.

    Words do no justice to the thanks and gratitude. I feel like your videos and guidance have really helped me on my personal journey to alleviate the egoic tendencies to cling onto 3D judgements and resist this information as mumbo jumbo.

    This transmission set my soul alight with love and a profoundly powerful knowing that we are on track🔥

    Complete abundance, joyful love and peaceful unity to you and us all through this positively apocalyptic and electromagnetically monumental shift of consciousness 🌷💚🦋☀️

    I L O V E Y O U A L L

  17. Oh Paul in case we never connect again, let me deeply express my appreciation for your website and your sharing your channeling skills, and for being reliable in a world where darkness can emulate the light. I will be getting a new vessel for mop-up work. I’ll try to find you. Are you telepathic yet? I understand I can be contacted as ‘the Alchemist’. No I’ve ever tested that., but I’ve done very active telepathy lately. My best telepathic contacts: grandkids. I’m hoping to facilitate a fantasy world created by us all, the five kids range from four to twelve. I’ll be an active participant, I don’t do princesses, but at least until the kids become a bit more mature, ill control the game imaginarium. With their creativity it should be a blast and it will preserve their innate imagination against assaults from outside. Love Jim

  18. Wait! Has Gaia Ascended? I do not think so. My notion of her Ascension is her moving her consciousness focus to New Earth. I don’t sense this has happened yet.

  19. Paul after Ascension, you are gonna be needed. We still have a target rich environment of sleepers, unawoken, and the damaged ones. Where? ‘Alternate Earth’’?


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