A Major Shift in the process of a Complete Transformation ~ KIN 45: Red Rhythmic Serpent

A Major Shift or Breakthrough in the process of a Complete Transformation ~ KIN 45: Red Rhythmic Serpent

A major shift or breakthrough in the process of self-change, a complete transformation

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Comment (42)

  1. Life is great! Quit my slave job in April staying aligned as best I can excited for RV and all disclosure to come. Going Home to 5D baby!

  2. Are you still WAITING for governments, SO cAlled leaders and others to tell you you are free from Debt Slavery, Poverty, HEALTH issues etc..? LIES and Crimes against humanity are STILL being perpetrated meanwhile we maintain our vibrations high. How are the so called world leaders and governments vibrations? To keep humanity enslaved and in a hostage state are ALL against UNIVERSAL Law. It is TIME for intervention clear in the open with our STAR FAMILIES 🌠 FULL DISCLOSURE 🌠🌞❤🌠 TRUE FREEDOM 🌠It is TIME for Humanity to know TRUTH. Intervention, replicators plus more helpful technologies to bring about the Golden Age for The GREATER GOOD FOR ALL not just a few. Being told to keep our vibrations high and keep meditating isn't enough. STAR FAMILIES have meetings with SO cAlled world leaders behind closed doors and it's time to do the same with the rest of Humanity. I DECLARE My FREEDOM..I DECLARE My SOVEREIGNT. I DECLARE AND I DECREE HUMANITY TO BE FREE🌠❤ DIVINE ORDER NOW🌠⭐ I AM A WARRIOR OF THE LIGHT AND I AM CONSCIOUS 🌠⭐🌞💙 I AM THAT I AM🌠

  3. Greetings Paul, I am floored by the images you posted on these crop circles….I had a massive download which happened overnight 4:15a after the Lion Gate peaked on 8/8 and i actually saw the most amazing and beautiful symbols and for about a week after I wondered about them and then I had a thought pop up to search crop circles and so I did and I stumbled across the very one you have now posted on fb 😱 I started jumping up and down and doing a little jig (lol) because these symbols look very similar to what I saw and I have been meaning to ask anyone I could about their meaning and boom here I am listening to you a week or so after the fact and well Source and our Star brothers and sisters are responding 😍👏🏼 It never ceases to amaze me how incredible, beautiful and powerful what we are experiencing is and what a gift it truly is to be waking up and experiencing life during all of this!!! Thank you to you and your team for sharing your messages, guidance and uplifting! Many blessings to all Light/Love workers of the world 💗🌎✨💗

  4. My message this morning from creator⛩ We do not need to learn any religion all we need to do is create a pyramid of light🧚‍♀️You’re Palace Of light above and below manifest Your most beautiful place ⛩For I am
    one with the light the one with love 🧜🏻‍♂️create your palace And go there and create🌈

  5. wow, that makes sense now. I have had a burning feeling in my lungs, chest, and throat like I drank hot water sheesh LOL I also have had burning on my palms and the bottom of my feet. The tops of my hands are itchy and the tops of my feet are itchy. the cool thing about the heat on my hands and feet shows a redness or a look of burn but it's not burned LOL those are the symptoms from the last five days. Today, I feel so much better. I am so grateful to be on this amazing ride with all of you. love you all

  6. Thank you dear Paul, I have been feeling in peace and harmony, very energetic I do my work with joy and love, I feel better and better everyday I am so grateful for being alive in this time. Much love and blessings dear Paul and to all.

  7. Last week I had a dream of closure and forgiveness to all the other sisters that I may slighted in the past. I was now carrying my Reiki table on my shoulder in the dream. We all were in a high school as I passed each classroom, there was acknowledgement as forgiveness. It was beautiful. I'm happy for the confirmation 💙

  8. Fab transmissions, – they are always so beautiful and elegant.- is very nice that you read them, because I wouldn't have got to hear them other wise.

    There was a big "Revelation" for me at the weekend although it wasn't in the area, I thought,- life always has a way of coming up with something, you couldn't have expected, ) and that definitely brought a 'soul contract' to an end, because I was able to say what the truth really was. And it came about of me having my own money again. people here are absolutely obsessed with it (money). is all they talk about, what they make, how much it costs, what they save, etc, – one things for sure they never put their money where their Big Mouth is !!
    The small area of "Cortes" around me has been much embarrassed by one of it's residents !!
    and I just " Smile Smile Smile and Ground Ground Ground " (is the opposite to your one- because I like to have a good laugh at the situation first !! )
    People have this illusion/ fancy or CHIMERA (fab word from one of your Pleiadian transmissions that really hit the nail on the head, of all in life ) that Spain is full of Romance and Sangria, and is not at all. Is a third world country with Tinsel on ) if the EU hadn't built (paid for) all the roads here, it would still be stuck in the dark ages,
    But then Franco was an ultimate Narcissist. !(and they still treat women and animals very badly,)

    I just googled and watched a short video on the Crop circles May 2019, – I always used to think about when they showed crop circles, that they are rather symbolic of Life,- you , get into this Maize, and whatever way you turn , you end up going back and around and into all these different shapes and angles, but you never really get out of it.

    LET NO MORE FAKE one to test me out! I am sure that i trust no one again. Unless i have to.
    Not my will but thy will be done. What is new twin flame?

  10. I am Jane latour not Perry. I lost my phone so I am borrowing Perry's. I just thought I'd let you know how the energies are really fricken much hahaha! I'm actually loving it because it means how we are so very close finally. I now know Perry is not like us and is very diffficult for me. IDK how to handle it. I am just trying to relax and allow this to flow through as easy as I can. Can I please ask for some help having no choice but to live with him now. OMG….I am that I am

  11. Thanks for sharing. Yeah~ Initiation 🥳 Tons of synchronicities happening around us… it’s 111 likes when watching this video. 💫💫💫

  12. Gather Round The Violet Flame

    Whilst I spin this tale

    Of beings of light and glory

    That ended up in jail

    Upon this prison planet

    Darkness claimed the throne

    The light retreated from this space

    So truth remained unknown

    The existence of a realm

    Outside of time and space

    Where beings of light and glory

    Dreamed of a humane race

    Magnificent though they were

    They longed for even more

    So they created space and time

    And opened heaven's door

    They filled the space with suns and moons

    And planets soon were born

    They gazed upon the wonder

    That they would soon adorn

    All forms of life and matter

    With everything in place

    The stage was set the time was right

    Thence came the human race

    Free will was gifted to them

    The choice was theirs to make

    The path of light or darkness

    Was up to them to take

    I tell you now dear ones

    Which ever path you choose

    That all roads lead to home

    Our love could never lose

    Some would soar among the clouds

    While others swam the seas

    Man and beast would roam the earth

    Forever wild and free

    Souls that came and played in life

    Soon became entrapped

    For into form's that flew or swam

    Their souls were tightly wrapped

    The Elementals came to help the lost

    They came in wind and fire

    When in to life they also stepped

    Soon they too were mired

    The third wave came to act as guides

    For the many in dismay

    Ascended Masters heard the call

    They came to show the way

    And by their light we learn to see

    That which we had forgotten

    The Dark had tainted fruit of life

    And turned the apple rotten

    Atlantis sank beneath the waves Lemuria as well

    The dark had seized our blessed earth and turned it into hell

    War and death and pestilence spread across the land

    The children of Anchara now were in command

    For 13,000 years the dark dominion ruled

    And by Decree of highest light

    The human would be schooled

    Our DNA was altered

    Our memories were veiled

    Our consciousness was limited

    And soon we all were jailed

    We would suffer grievously underneath their yolk

    But by our faith and loving light we never could be broke

    It's time to reawaken remember who you are

    And by your light that shines so bright

    You glisten Like a star

    I've wrapped my wings around you

    And whispered in your ear

    The time for change is coming

    Indeed… it's truly here.

    It is from heaven, that I descend

    To where the light is naught

    I gather up the souls with hope

    And share with them this thought

    It's from the light that we all came

    and into darkness fell

    And on the earthly plane exist

    But heaven's where we dwell

    You've forgotten who you are

    And from whence you came

    It's Heaven where you truly live

    Not on this earthly plane

    We've played the game of life and love

    The wars we've lost and won

    We lived and died a million times

    So tell me… was it fun?

    What lessons have you really learned?

    And to what did you attend?

    Graduation time is finally here!

    I bid you… now ascend……..

    Punished and scarred by dark misdeeds

    I watch in horror as Gaia bleeds

    The dark cabal have planned her demise

    They foul her waters and poison her skies

    Chaos is their way and destruction they seek

    They slaughter the brave and torture the meek

    Kill off the birds take out the bees

    Destroy all sea life bring earth to her knees

    They sit back and revel at what they have done

    But they just got started for them this is fun

    They lead us to war and promise us peace

    Invest in our future then cancel the lease

    They turn your tax dollars to weapons of war

    Work hard all your life be a good little whore

    You sell them your soul for pieces of eight

    Get old you're discarded by then its too late

    There’s nowhere to hide and nowhere to run

    It's not over yet, you see… they're not done

    The earth has been ravaged, pillaged and burned

    Just look around you, what have we learned?

    We drive big fancy cars, wear the finest of clothes

    If they're old or they're poor, then just hold your nose

    Just got the new Iphone it's really sweet

    You walk past the beggars that lay in the street

    It's time to stand tall, don’t give up the fight

    Sananda is coming with all of his might

    He’ll cast out the dark and let Gaia mend

    A new age is dawning it's time to ascend

    The Night Before Disclosure

    Twas not long 'fore disclosure and all through the night

    Not a light worker was sleeping try as they might

    The outlaws were hung by the judges who care

    In hopes that Sananda soon would be there

    @ @

    The workers were resting all snug in their beds

    While visions of NESARA danced in their heads

    I tossed and I turned, I made such a clatter

    My wife turned and said, what is the matter


    It's nothing honey everything is alright

    The dark ones are leaving

    And try as they might

    Cannot over come the forces of light

    A new day is dawning and you can just bet

    Soon we'll be dancing with Mother Sekhmet

    We'll Greet the Agarthans our space family too

    We'll meet our twin flames and say how do you do

    And what to my wondering eyes should appear

    But a sky full of star ships they're finally here

    I've waited and dreamed of this all of my life

    I came back to bed and smiled at my wife

    It's almost over we're close to the end

    Dear Gaia I love you it's time to ascend

    Joseph M Ayala,

    Starship Light Key

    ((( )))

  13. Solar photon light has been blasting us BIGLY! Startin ~10hrs ago, lasting over 2 dayz, but we're getting to the point now (ha! We've been gettin beat up ENOUGH! lol)-where we're finally going to start feeling results. Slowly but surely-we can start seeing some progress finally 😊.

    Thank you Paul, a wonderful day wouldn't be complete without one of your videos 👍😉.

  14. I honestly have no words for what's going on here. All I can say is WOW…bigg Huggs and again WOW.. As I received this notification I was reading on shambala..again no words..i understand more now than I ever did…much love💙🌈🌹

  15. "I Was Mowing the Front lawn for family and could feel the lawnmower blades cutting me up like the grass I was feeling it, shit, then all of a sudden a INTENSE SOUND of a Massive Electricity Transformer blowing, like beeeggggeeeee! Like a lighting bolt it hit my body ears ringing it was a " "SHAFT OF LIGHT " then I got Plasma Gamma SYNERGY CELL MASSIVE UPGRSDeS OF Power, The NEW EARTH WHITE WIZARDS WILL RISE! "AUHO" brothers and sisters we are the GAIA Guardians, people already calling my family what is he doing why is he so happy and he has light beams coming out of my eyes in the forest! Lord Shiva, Lord BUDDAH, And The Master YOGI JESUS' Jesus was master yogi and Reiko healer we all have this ability all of us! Love u gotta go yoga and swimming goodnight love u all


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