The Grand Opening of the 999 Portal on September 9th 2019 ~ KIN 58: White Rhythmic Mirror

The Grand Opening of the 999 Portal on September 9th 2019 ~ KIN 58: White Rhythmic Mirror

What to Expect from the Opening of the 999 Portal on September 9th, 2019

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Patricia Cota-Robles – Return To Christ Consciousness –

Divine Alchemy: We Are Becoming Crystalline Light Beings –

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Comment (17)

  1. 9/19/19??
    To cool
    A couple years ago this magic happened ..lots of customers busy breakfast shift ..but my spirit was calling me to come out side….i did ..and a miracle was in the sky ..7 bald eagles flying with Mabey 10 buzzards surrounding them ..i made everyone in that busy restaurant come witness this miracle was great and I have it on video …crazy as it sounds a couple seen it as a bad sign….i thought it was a gift from God and my soul took over that day

  2. Thank YOU BeautiFULL Soul and Brother of Truth. I Am In the 9-9-9 Energy experiencing this Transmission Now. Very STILL Indeed and SO GreatFULL for Your Continued Hand Reaching of Hope and Grace.SO Many Words I can Say as Writing and Speaking is definitely one of My Gifts, but ultimately You Feeel my energy and its Pure Intent….Blessings to You🙏

  3. Paul I feel energies, but the SR looks relatively light. I am old. What need we do!? The suspension of memory is killing me. Please just tell me what to do. These portals? I am simplicity and thus elegance. I love you all. The dreams last night were surreal. I just awoke and it is 12:42 AM CST. My dreams, unrememberable, were active and personal. What should I do.%?

  4. My birthday was 9/3 last week. Back in 2015 I was told by my guides to go to a certain place in Arkansas. My maternal bloodline is from Arkansas. I had traveled there so many times…I just haven't gone to that spot yet. But I went last week for my birthday 9/2-9/5. I am a grid worker. I had an incredible time…but couldn't really figure out what I completed until you just mentioned Arkansas. I started shaking…Thank you. Peace be with you. 💚💚💚🗝🎯

  5. Thank you brother. This video is like what I am here to do… show the way, be blissful and one with all… almost 30 years to get to this now. I am so grateful that I have been able to experience this lifetime with all the ups and downs. I am very grateful to those that have helped me become what I have always been. But had to remember again. Thank you everyone drawn to these videos. I have had to spend almost all this time hiding away or risk being locked up and medicated against my will by a family member that has been good at telling lies. Doctors that truly have no real idea about human needs and health requirements. But thankfully that will be changing more and more as we all learn to be our own doctors. I feel better and have more energy today than I did 40 years ago. Namaste,
    King of Kings has been coming to me this last year. Would have been much nicer to have been able to be with others that were waking up. But by doing it this way, then being drawn to these videos and those who are making them. I am learning I can trust myself more than others and I have been right so many times I do not need to second guess myself any longer. This is so awesome, Love, Peace, and all..

  6. Feeling fine, on cloud nine!!! My dragon friend Puff says high!!! Heart opening and being Love… it is Beautiful I am loving all…. Crystal energy is like us as double terminated diamonds… right on time …


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