Some African Americans Are Really Native Americans? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

Cash app: https://cash.app/$BlackConsciousness (Please don’t send donations over $5 πŸ’° I appreciate the love but anything over $5 is to much! Thanks Family) Black Indians are people of mixed Native American and African American heritage, who have strong ties to Native American culture.[2] Many Indigenous peoples of the Eastern Woodlands, such as the Narragansett, Pequot, […]

Is Ma'at Spookism – Black Atheists Of Atlanta-03-05-12 Part 2 of 4

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#School2PrisonPipeline The Criminalization of BLACK Educators – State Controlled Consciousness

Public schools in Atlanta, Georgia, were thrown into chaos in 2015 when 11 former educators were convicted in 2015 of racketeering and other charges for allegedly facilitating a massive cheating operation on standardized tests. Prosecutors said the teachers were forced to modify incorrect answers and students were even allowed to fix their responses during exams. […]