House of Consciousness 633 West 35th Street, Norfolk VA 23508 757 314 1943 Come check us out! House of Consciousness (formally known as the Self Improvement Educational Center) is an historical bookstore that has many features. We have a variety of products: Cultural books, Metaphysical items (crystals, pendulums, jewelry), Skin care products, health products, bean […]

Children's Educational Cartoon On Black History Before Slavery – Meltrek Ep1 Trailer

#meltrek #blackhistory #melanin #africa #education #consciousness #childrensfilms #childrensbooks #learning Join Bunchy, Percy, Michelle, Jessie, and Chen as they go on an exciting adventure back in time to Ancient Africa. Upon their arrival they meet Rameses, a teenage Egyptian boy, who takes them on a fun-filled journey around Africa. Their journey begins in the Nile valley. […]

Dr. Ben Jochannan & Black Conscious Leaders EXPOSED! Mark Sargent & Flat Earth Leaders EXPOSED!

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Black Consciousness or Black Conflicts? Speak Your Mind About All of the Recent Beefs!!!

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